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Omne Marine Group is a leading one-stop marine solution provider for diving, remotely operated vehicles, project support personnel and training services. We operate throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific, providing our specialist services to a wide range of clients.

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    Exceptional support for every client

    With a strong emphasis on providing world-class services, coupled with our ‘can do’ spirit, we have been able to consistently deliver quality services to our customers and business partners under challenging conditions in harsh operating environments.

    Omne Marine Group (OMG) is dedicated to providing a highly competent service, a commitment to completing the assigned tasks, and respecting the needs of our customers and business partners.

    Services from
    Omne Marine Group

    We provide an extensive range of services for industries that include shipping, marine engineering, inland and offshore diving, technical  personnel and consultant services for defence forces, oil and gas, government departments, councils, and corporate and private entities.

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    Training provided by Omne Marine Group

    OMG is at the forefront of international occupational diving and hyperbaric course development and assessment. From our training centres in New Zealand, Singapore and Spain we offer internationally recognised ADAS/IMCA qualifications covering the onshore and offshore industries.

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