Hyperbaric Tunnelling Support Service

Our experienced team are on hand to support projects from the earliest stages of concept to delivery, supplying experienced, certified personnel for consultancy, operational ,training and emergency support services.

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    Tunnelling Support Services

    The specialists at Omne Marine Group can assist you in keeping costs down in addition to facilitating regulatory interaction.

    Highlighted Tunnel Support Services include:

    • Consultation & Site Assessments
    • Omne offers on-site inspections of your facilities to ensure compliance with applicable local regulations as they apply. This will include developing variances for equipment, decompression tables and emergency protocols.
    • Formulating project hyperbaric manuals
    • Obtaining variances for alternate tables
    • Client liaison
    • Occupational health and safety implementation
    • Audit/appraisal
    • Environmental controls
    • Training of contractor personnel/ Hyperbaric workers
    • Hazard / health and safety analysis
    • TBM intervention
    • Working at altitude
    • Construction in compressed air
    • Emergency and confined space rescue
    • Compressed air interventions

    Inspection, maintenance and repair in compressed air environments

    Hyperbaric Support Services  include:

    • Compressed air workers and training for your workers
    • Compressed air operations supervisor
    • Man-lock attendants
    • Intervention supervisors
    • Hyperbaric medics
    • Intervention projects managers
    • Medical lock attendants
    • Mixed gas supervisors
    • Hyperbaric attendants

    Hyperbaric Worker and lock Operator Training Courses

    Omne Marine Group can deliver certified training for your personnel, significantly reducing hyperbaric intervention costs -contact us for more information