Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)

Omne Marine Group is proud to be New Zealand's exclusive supplier for SEMOR Marine and MARISCOPE ROV systems

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ROV OPERATOR TRAINING - Our ROV Pilot/Tech training course are accredited by the Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme (ADAS) -meaning  our pilots can work anywhere in the world - see our training page for more info

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    Exclusive NZ supplier

    We are very excited to be representing SEAMOR Marine in New Zealand! SEAMOR build world class inspection ROVs and provide an excellent fit to our portfolio.

    We can provide the full range of SEAMOR Marine ROV's, training, parts and after sales service



    We manufacture the world’s most reliable, versatile & powerful underwater ROVs

    For more than 30 years our innovative advancements in underwater remotely operated vehicles have changed the way the world sees the deep. SEAMOR Marine traces its roots to 1989, when our first-gen ROV technology was developed. New ownership in 2006 significantly evolved the robotics of our next-gen vehicles, expanding the limits of work and exploration in some of the ocean’s most dangerous conditions. For decades our ROVs have inspired learning, growth, and the protection of precious life-sustaining resources.

    Our manufacturing facilities are located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

    Our ROVs operate on every continent and in every major body of water around the globe.

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    We have wide experience and
    capacity to carry out special
    developments and those with
    specific requirements.
    This flexibility allows Mariscope
    to give turnkey solutions
    to extraordinary problems.
    Our ROV´s are easily equipped
    with a variety of instruments
    specially designed or available
    on the market, in order to cope
    with the individual demand of each
    client, redesigning, engineering
    and manufacturing every unit to
    the specific requirements.

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