(Pending NZQA/TEC Approval) New Zealand Certificate in Surface Supplied Breathing Apparatus (SSBA) Construction Diving to 50 metres (Level 5)

Key information

Duration: 8 weeks full time (Monday-Friday)

Comprises of: ADAS PART 3 SSBA 50m, ADAS
Chamber operators and the ADAS Offshore Diver Medical Technician (DMT) Courses

Version: 1

Qualification type: Certificate Level 5

Credits: 44

Career opportunities

Graduates of this qualification may be employed in positions in the offshore construction diving industry that require underwater construction and infrastructure maintenance work in roles such as:

  • Pipeline development and maintenance
  • Drilling platform commissioning/decommissioning and maintenance
  • Well head construction and maintenance
  • Reef and salvage operations
  • Wave turbine installation and maintenance
  • Offshore cable laying and maintenance
  • Support of deep sea research and exploration
  • General maritime infrastructure development and maintenance.

Graduates who gain the appropriate Certificate of Competency will be able to work as offshore construction divers to depths of up to 50 metres.


  • ADAS SSBA 30m (part 2) or Internationally recognized equivalent
  • AS/NZ 2299.1 Occupational diving medical clearance

Government Funding

This course (is pending final approval) by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) for Student Loan and Allowance eligibility. New Zealand Residents and Citizens are able to access these loans to cover the full cost of the course. Eligibility for a student allowance depends on personal circumstances. Please contact us for further information or apply online.