Offshore ROV Pilot Technician

Key information

This program is currently under development and is due in 2024 - register your interest today.

Duration: T.B.C

Comprising of: the ADAS ROV Pilot (Onshore, Offshore and Technician) Courses

Career opportunities

Graduates of this qualification may be employed in positions in the offshore ROV industry that require underwater inspection, intervention, construction and infrastructure maintenance.

The focus of the course is to prepare students to be an offshore ROV pilot by teaching at an advanced level ROV operations, safeties, and maintenance of a ROV.

It will further preparing the graduate to work in offshore operations in exposed open-sea conditions undertaking various underwater tasks in support of a wide range of industries including: military, police operations, emergency service rescue response, scientific exploration, search and salvage, inspection of underwater equipment, underwater construction and oil and gas industry support, whilst working from real or simulated offshore vessels, structures or platforms, real and/or simulated dynamic positioning vessel operations (DPV) and concurrent diving and lifting operations (Combined-Ops).