ADAS Diver Medical Technician

ADAS issues the Diver Medical Technician (DMT) certification in two forms: Onshore DMT and Offshore DMT, depending on a student’s level of diving qualification.

Certificates of qualification as a DMT will be valid for two years only. A refresher course by an accredited DMT course provider will be required before re-certification.

Onshore DMT Qualification

ADAS Onshore DMT qualifications are issued to candidates who meet the general course requirements but who are not certified at the ADAS Part 3, Part 4 or Life Support Technician (LST) level or equivalent of diving qualification.

Offshore DMT Qualification

ADAS Offshore DMT qualifications are issued to candidates who meet the general course requirements and are certified at the ADAS Part 3, Part 4 or Assistant Life Support Technician (ALST), Life Support Technician (LST), or Life Support Supervisor (LSS) level qualification or equivalent.

DMT Refresher Course

DMT certification holders are able to refresh their certification between three (3) months prior to, or eight (8) weeks after the expiry date of their certification.

In order to undertake the DMT refresher course, applicants must enrol on the course during this timeframe. If they are unable to enrol on a refresher course in this time, they will be required to undertake the full DMT course in order to gain another certification.

Student Prerequisites

Both onshore DMT and offshore DMT applicants must meet the following pre-requisites:

Hold either a recognised current Diver Medic Technician certificate or a current First Aid certificate from an accredited training organization (i.e. has been certified within 3 years of the conclusion of the proposed training program) and CPR and oxygen resuscitation skills must have been refreshed within the 12 month period prior to the conclusion of the training program. The student’s First Aid qualifications must meet the competency requirements of AS/NZS 2299.1 Occupational diving operations standard operational practice.

Hold a valid certificate of medical fitness to dive (see AS/NZS 2299.1) issued, after examination, by a doctor trained and experienced in underwater medicine in accordance with the requirements in AS/NZS 2299.1, and that certification remains valid until the scheduled completion date of the training being undertaken. If a trainee’s health has changed significantly since the medical certificate was issued, the trainee shall seek an appropriate medical review.

Please note: While being a Part 3 diver is not a prerequisite for this course applicants who are not Part 3 divers will also need to meet the unit of competency, ADADMT Assist as an attendant inside a hyperbaric chamber. Please see further information below. The training and assessment for this unit is to be undertaken in addition to the 10 days of the standard course.

Offshore DMT

In addition to the above, candidates for Offshore DMT certification must also hold a current ADAS Part 3, Part 4, Assistant Life Support Technician, Life Support Technician, or Life Support Supervisor qualification or equivalent.