Diving Supervisor (Offshore Oil and Gas)

The ADAS Trainee Offshore Supervisor course (either Air and/or Air & Bell) is designed for the offshore diver who also holds the SSBA to 50m supervisor certification and has relevant Offshore Supervisor skills and knowledge, to commence gaining the requisite offshore industry experience under the close supervision of an appropriately qualified supervisor.

Student Prerequisites

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ADAS Offshore Supervisor (full qualification)

Having qualified and been certified as an ADAS Trainee Air or Bell Supervisor (or accepted equivalent), candidates are then required to undertake further supervised on-the-job training then undertake a final theory assessment. Successful completion of this additional assessment qualifies the trainee supervisor for substantive qualification and certification authorizes the candidate to undertake independent Offshore Air Supervision duties.

This module is the final step in the certification process for Offshore Air Supervisors and is an examination process only and applications are to be made directly to ADAS.

Prior to presentation for this module students must not only have achieved the prerequisite panel hours as a Trainee Air Supervisor and the required 200 offshore dives, but must also be recommended by an offshore contractor company following satisfactory offshore reports confirming competence in accordance with the ADAS guidance on competence assurance and assessment.